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Transnational Project Meeting in Lisbon

On the 14th and 15th of December, we had the last transnational meeting in Lisbon (Portugal) at the facilities of our partner E.I.A. – Ensino, Investigação e Administração S.A. of the Wonder Women Works project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

We discussed the key aspects of the different project results, the organisation of the multiplier events of each partner in their country, and addressing issues related to the website and digital platforms. 

Transnational Project Meeting  in Marburg

On 12th and 13th June, partners met in Marburg to update project status and set the next steps for the upcoming months. It was a very fruitful meeting where we could discuss all needed aspects, set our next goals and deadlines and also enjoy the beautiful city and german culture.

Our storytelling videos are ready and you can visit them both in our webpage and Youtube Channel.

Partners have also organised the work to carry out the webapp piloting as well as the next steps to keep working on our PR3 and 4.

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Group of partners in Marburg
Wonder Women Works meeting in Poland

2nd TPM, Rzeszów (Poland) 18th-19th October

Partners checked the progress on results 1,2 and 3 with the feedback obtained from the C1 as well as the next steps regarding the PR4.

LTTA Activity in La Zubia (Spain) 19th-23rd September

The participants attended a training based on results elaborated and evaluated them and provided feedback on development of beta versions of the Project Results. 

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Kick off meeting, La Zubia (Spain) 3rd-4th May 2022

During the KOM, partners introduced themselves officialy and stablished all the work for the next months.

Online monthly meetings

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