Case Study: Małgorzata

Małgorzata - The Artisan

Małgorzata Tomaka: Artisan


Małgorzata is an artist who produces handicraft. She uses digital tools in order to sell her products. Potential clients can find her products on her Instagram and Facebook. Right now, she does not own a stationary store to sell her products.


Małgorzata was motivated to start new professional life after working for many years at the bank. Working at the corporation was very stressful for her, the relation at work were very toxic and she decided to take a break for a year and decide what to do next. As a form of therapy, she started to produce handicraft products such as: home decoration, holiday decoration, jewellery, renovation of furniture, etc.

Support Received:

Małgorzata has received support from her family and friends.


The objective was to become freelancer and financially independent person.


Małgorzata has to overcome the following barriers: believing in herself, finding clients for her products and learning ICT technologies to sell her products.

Lessons Learnt:

Małgorzata learnt that it is possible to change her life and profession.


The impact of this case study is to inspire and encourage other women, not to be afraid to start new activity.

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