Case Study: Gabriela

Gabriela - The artisan and accountant

Gabriela Vicente, the artisan, and accountant with a full heart: An entrepreneur woman!


Gabriela is a certified accountant and artisan diagnosed with low vision, who faced challenges and overcame obstacles in order to start her own business. Gabriela desires and has always demonstrated the need to change her life due mainly to her visual impairment and in this way, to support the community in her locality. Throughout her journey, this gritty woman has learned to work with specific programs for people with low vision and support equipment.


Gabriela’s motivation to start her own business came from the need to completely alter her life and face the challenges arising from her visual impairment, especially with a 5-year-old son at the time. She is also motivated by a desire to support the general community in her city. We can thus say that the motivation of this heroine is rooted in the desire to create a better future for her child.

Support Received:

At an early stage, Gabriela was on her journey in the entrepreneurship alone, but later received the support of her mother. In addition, she also learned and acquired knowledge through the internet and the sharing of experiences with other artisans. Gabriela is committed to constantly learning how to work with a specific program for people with low vision, as well as to use support equipment that will facilitate her work routine. Although she did not mention government or NGO support, our volunteer is determined to find the tools and resources needed to achieve long-term success in her current business.


Gabriela’s main goals are to support the community of the city where she currently lives and thus raise her son, who was five years old at the time. She is committed to facing life’s challenges with her visual impairment and seeks every day to overcome obstacles to achieve success in her business. Gabriela also wants to continue to learn and hone her skills as a certified accountant.


Gabriela has faced some barriers throughout her journey as an entrepreneur. Initially, it dealt with the lack of support from government entities or NGOs. In addition, our warrior also mentioned that in the beginning she faced difficulties in accepting and adapting to this new phase of her life, having a new position and role to play.

Lessons Learnt:

This sharing of information reveals the importance of facing challenges with determination, resilience, and self-confidence. Even in the face of obstacles such as lack of initial support and personal limitations, it becomes necessary to seek support, acquire relevant knowledge, exercise new learning and maintain, whenever possible, a long-term vision to achieve her goals.


It becomes inspiring by showcasing the experience of someone with visual impairment and how they have overcome the most diverse challenges and moved forward to create their own business and support the local community. This sharing of information exemplifies the resilience of the human being, serving as an incentive to others who may be facing other difficulties in their entrepreneurial or personal journeys.


In conclusion, it is evident that determination, perseverance, and the constant search for knowledge are assumed as the key elements of overcoming challenges and achieving goals, even in the face of the most diverse adversities. Gabriela, although she faced barriers and lack of initial support, found motivation in her own need for change and in the will to create a better future for herself and her community.

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