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Inspirational stories: Programme guide pack for Women with Disabilities

Discover a situation of digital social entrepreneurship in Europe and inspirational stories of successful women in this sector with the Guide pack for Women with Disabilities. The guide is composed of 3 parts: 1) Conceptual model for digital social entrepreneur 2) A collection of best practices “from idea to entrepreneurship” and 3) Experts opinions on the future development of digital social entrepreneurship and business possibilities.

Objective: The main objective of the guide is to provide focused information on the proposed system for digital social entrepreneurs based on the success model of women with disabilities.

Innovation: The innovation of the Guide lies in its collaborative development approach. By engaging with the community of women with disabilities, we’ve tailored a learning experience that resonates with the unique challenges and aspirations of our users. The content, curated from real-world business scenarios, offers practical insights and skills essential for entrepreneurial success.

Target Groups:

  1. Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Women with disabilities keen on honing their entrepreneurial skills for starting or managing businesses.
  2. Supporting Staff: Individuals and organisations dedicated to aiding the entrepreneurial journey of women with disabilities.
  3. Educational Entities: Training institutions, career counsellors, and educators aiming to augment their digital training methodologies.
  4. Community Stakeholders: Associations, decision-makers, and other entities invested in the entrepreneurial growth of disabled women.

Impact: The trainers with this guide will be empowered to incorporate 21st century digital skills into the training and impart the same skills to the women with disabilities. The Guide Pack can be used as a guide to help the development of Women Entrepreneurs with Disabilities, thus increasing the women with disabilities’ interest and engagement, improving the learning outcomes. As a result from this output, women with disabilities can reflect on the importance of Digital Social Networks. All material is selected from real company cases and it helps to bring new insights into women businesses.

Transferability: The Guide pack is available in all partner languages plus English.  What’s more important, every partner created their own version for their contribution to the support, therefore enhancing its transferability potential. The international nature of the material presented and best cases further reinforce its transferability.

Looking Ahead:  The Guide Pack is tool for entrepreneur innovation improvement that will be especially useful in a post-Covid era, where women will have to rethink much of their activity.

Click the following links to download The Guide Pack in PDF or ePub format.

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