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Low labor market position of women with disabilities results from the educational shortcomings of this social group, which are the basis of further difficulties in the labor market. Meanwhile, “work is a value that enables the individual to participate fully in social life”. It provides the material conditions of existence, defines the role and status within the social organization. It should be emphasized that work in addition to its economic function, also has many others – is a condition, opportunity or means of achieving many needs beyond economics.

Increasingly, in the case of illness and disability specialists emphasize the importance of working as part of social rehabilitation.

There are psychological barrier, consisting of lack of confidence of women with disabilities caused by a sense of not having sufficient professional qualifications, lack of or limited range of measures to improve professionals skills and build positive self-esteem.

Women with physical disabilities are especially discriminated against. They are losing the most at the stage of recruitment. Women with impaired movement face problems regarding the infrastructure and architecture accessibility, but also barriers related to the other people’s dislike of staying in an environment of people with visible physical deformities.

Development of entrepreneurial skills for such women are very important so that they can regardless their physical limitations organize their professional life.

Our Objective

The main objective of this Erasmus+ project is to support, through learning, the professional and personal development of women with disabilities in Europe and beyond, thus contributing to sustainable growth, quality jobs and social cohesion, promoting innovation and strengthening the European identity and active citizenship. Thus the partnership aims at empowering women with disabilities with entrepreneurial and digital skills, which are necessary for working adult learners in Europe.

Our Target Groups

  1. Women with disabilities willing to develop their entrepreneurial and digital skills, to improve their employment possibilities, starting a business or a consultant activity.
  2. Disabled women entrepreneurs willing to help other disabled women with disabilities to develop their entrepreneurial and digital skills, and eventually looking for DW to join their staff in managerial position.
  3. Organizations training people with disabilities and their trainers (in a broader sense: also career counsellors, coaches, educators).
  4. Others: associations of women with disabilities, organizations training trainers, women with disabilities company owners, entrepreneurs’ associations, decision makers and others in this field.

Our Outputs

  1. Videos Storytelling about success wonder women with disabilities working. The videos will have the motivation factor for women with disabilities and it will show the importance of entrepreneurship and digital skills in a practical
    way. Users will also learn about the importance of social networks in the projects, sharing ideas with other women in each partner country. The videos will be used as a tool to help the theoretical and practical understanding of the course contents, thus increasing the women with disabilities interest and engagement, improving the learning outcomes. As a result from this output, women with disabilities will reflect on the importance of acquiring entrepreneurship and digital skills.
  2. WWW Open and Interactive Web App for the Support of Women with Disabilities. The innovation of this result is more than the use of ICT because more and more educators are now developing digital competences. The teachers with this
    tool will empowered to incorporate 21st century digital skills into the training teaching and impart the same skills to women with disabilities. This tool for entrepreneur innovation improvement will be especially useful in a post-Covid
    era, where women will have to rethink much of their skills and vocational activities.
  3. A Blended Up-Skilling Pathways Programme for Women with Disabilities. This training programme will offer case studies, guidelines, strategy, monitoring tools, assessment test etc.
  4. Programme Guide Pack for Women with Disabilities. The main objective of the guide will be to provide focused information on the proposed system for digital social entrepreneurs based on the success model of women with disabilities.
    The guide will be structured in 2 parts:
    1) Conceptual model for digital social entrepreneur
    2) A collection of best practices “from idea to entrepreneurship”.

Development of entrepreneurial skills for such women are very important so that they can regardless their physical limitations organize their professional life

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