Upskilling Programme for Women with Disabilities

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Welcome to the Upskilling Programme for Women with Disabilities within the Erasmus+ K2 project “Wonder Women Works” (WWW). This education is designed to provide organizations with valuable insights and guidance to effectively support women with disabilities on their journey towards becoming successful entrepreneurs. The programme encompasses special learning materials for mentors, and education for women with disabilities in the realm of entrepreneurship, offering essential skills, and the support of mentors and coordinators. 

Program Overview: The “Wonder Women Works” Upskilling Programme aims to empower women with disabilities by providing them with the necessary skills and support to enhance their entrepreneurial abilities. Our ultimate goal is to foster their personal and professional growth, enabling them to overcome barriers and thrive in the business world. The purpose of this education in the program is to equip organizations with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to effectively facilitate the education process for women with disabilities in their upskilling and entrepreneurial journey. 

Free Access on Moodle Platform: We are pleased to offer the programme in free access on the Moodle platform, allowing participants to complete it independently and at their convenience.  

Purpose of the Education: This education serves as a valuable resource, empowering organizations to make a profound impact on the lives of women with disabilities aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs. Your dedication and guidance will contribute to a more inclusive and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem within the “Wonder Women Works” project. 

Innovation: The innovation of the upskilling program lies in its holistic approach to education and empowerment. It goes beyond traditional training methods by incorporating adaptive learning strategies tailored to the unique needs of women with disabilities. The programme leverages innovative teaching techniques, such as interactive digital modules,  and immersive learning experiences. By embracing technology and collaborating with diverse stakeholders, the program creates an inclusive and dynamic environment for skill development and entrepreneurial growth. 

Target Groups: The upskilling program strategically caters to multiple target groups, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive impact: 

  1. Women with Disabilities: The primary beneficiaries, receiving tailored education to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. 
  2. Mentors: Equipping mentors with specialized knowledge and skills to effectively guide and support women with disabilities in their entrepreneurial journey. Usually they are from the number of experienced in entrepreneurship ladies with disabilities.  
  3. Educational Entities: Training institutions, career counselors, and educators aiming to augment their digital training methodologies. 
  4. Community Stakeholders: Associations, decision-makers, and other entities invested in the entrepreneurial growth of disabled women.  

Execution: The execution of the upskilling program is a meticulously planned and phased process: 

  1. Content Creation: Developing curated content that addresses the specific challenges and aspirations of women with disabilities in entrepreneurship. 
  2. Course Structure: Designing a well-organized course structure that progresses logically, ensuring a coherent learning experience. 
  3. Testing and Validation: Rigorous testing and validation phases to guarantee the effectiveness and relevance of the program. 
  4. Online Marathon: Organizing an online marathon to enhance the efficiency and results of the program, fostering a collaborative learning environment. 

Impact: The envisioned impact of the upskilling program is transformative, with far-reaching effects on individuals and the entrepreneurial landscape. Empowering women with disabilities to gain confidence, refine their business acumen, and acquire practical skills. Contributing to a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem by bridging gaps and breaking down barriers. Fostering personal and professional growth, enabling participants to overcome obstacles and thrive in both their personal and business endeavours. 

Transferability: The upskilling program’s design emphasizes transferability, making it adaptable and relevant across diverse contexts. 

The synergy of innovation, thoughtful targeting, meticulous execution, impactful outcomes, and transferability makes the “Wonder Women Works” upskilling programme a powerful catalyst for positive change in the lives of women with disabilities aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs.

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