Case Study: Alexandra

Alexandra - "One woman three brands"

Alexandra Simões: One woman and three brands!


Alexandra is a woman who knew how to say “Enough” and took charge of her own destiny and took the reins of her own life.  After a long career in hospitality and having acquired a physical disability (total hip replacements), Alexandra started her own business around water filtration, food supplements and real estate.


Alexandra’s motivation to start her own businesses comes from the need for autonomy and to have her own goals and pace of life to be able to follow her son’s growth more closely.

Support Received:

Alexandra was always supported by her family and circle of friends and sought the support of an organization of entrepreneurs as part of a network of sharing knowledge, experiences, and opportunities.


Alexandra’s main goals are her autonomy, the contribution of her work to her own personal fulfillment and helping people live a healthier lifestyle while feeling at home.


Alexandra focuses on some people’s ignorance as a type of disability that prevents them from accepting the success and ability of a woman with a disability. She stresses that to succeed you need to surround yourself only with people who share a winning mentality.

Lessons Learnt:

Alexandra is a lesson in courage and focus for all people. Regardless of gender or physical abilities, the determination and focus to take control of your own professional and personal life despite being within everyone’s reach is not put into practice because of the sense of insecurity that society imprints on self-determination.


The inspiration for Alexandra’s case comes from the fact that she has taken the step forward to do what she wants, how she wants, in her own way. That in itself is impressive, without needing to add the fact of being a woman and/or have a physical disability.


In conclusion, Alexandra’s example of self-determination documents the entrepreneurial potential of those who fail to listen to those who focus on difficulties and obstacles and pursue their own success instead of dedicating themselves to the achievement of the goals of others.

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