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Welcome to our microsite showcasing the stories of women entrepreneurs with disabilities. Here you will find inspiring case studies and a documentary featuring the personal testimonies of these remarkable women, as well as their mentors and teachers. Through these stories, we hope to highlight the challenges and successes of women with disabilities in the entrepreneurial world, and to showcase their determination, creativity, and innovation. Our goal is to promote awareness, provide inspiration, and encourage greater support for women entrepreneurs with disabilities. We invite you to explore the site, learn from these inspiring stories, and join us in celebrating the achievements of these remarkable women.


This inspiring documentary showcases the personal stories of women entrepreneurs with disabilities, as well as their mentors and teachers. Through their experiences, the participants share their insights on the possibilities, motivations, and success factors of starting and running a business despite facing various challenges. The documentary is part of the ‘Video Storytelling’ project result, which aims to promote and celebrate the achievements of women with disabilities in entrepreneurship. It highlights the importance of providing equal opportunities and support for individuals with disabilities to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, as well as the valuable role of mentorship and education in their success.

Case studies

WWW collection of case studies features women entrepreneurs with disabilities. This project aims to highlight the stories of inspiring women who have overcome barriers and challenges to create successful businesses and make a positive impact on their communities. Through these case studies, we hope to showcase the diversity, resilience, and creativity of women with disabilities as entrepreneurs, and to provide inspiration and guidance for others who may be facing similar challenges. We believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for social and economic inclusion, and that by sharing these stories, we can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society. We hope that you will find these case studies informative, inspiring, and empowering, and that they will encourage you to pursue your own entrepreneurial dreams.

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Anabel - "Under the sun" project

Anabel: Volunteering with "Under the Sun" Project to Empower Saharawi Refugees

Anabel is a 22-year-old psychology student with a visual impairment of 7% visual acuity. She is a volunteer with "Under the Sun," a project that aims to improve the living conditions of Saharawi refugees. In this case study, we will explore her motivation behind volunteering, the support she received, the project's objectives, the barriers she faced, and how digital tools could help her in her efforts.

María - Breaking barriers

Breaking Barriers: María's Project for Inclusion and Social Change

María is a writer from Baeza, a city in Jaén, a province of Spain. She has created a project that aims to provide a safe space for people with disabilities, at risk of social exclusion or in need of support. Her project focuses on social networks, especially Wattpad, where she publishes stories and works that allow people to feel integrated and find characters that reflect their reality.

Alexandra - "One woman three brands"

Alexandra Simões: One woman and three brands!

Alexandra is a woman who knew how to say "Enough" and took charge of her own destiny and took the reins of her own life. After a long career in hospitality and having acquired a physical disability (total hip replacements), Alexandra started her own business around water filtration, food supplements and real estate.

Gabriela - The artisan and accountant

Gabriela Vicente, the artisan, and accountant with a full heart: An entrepreneur woman!

Gabriela is a certified accountant and artisan diagnosed with low vision, who faced challenges and overcame obstacles in order to start her own business. Gabriela desires and has always demonstrated the need to change her life due mainly to her visual impairment and in this way, to support the community in her locality. Throughout her journey, this gritty woman has learned to work with specific programs for people with low vision and support equipment.

Iuliia - Overcoming barriers

Overcoming Barriers: A Woman with a Disability Creates Opportunities for Education and Employment

Iuliia Resenchuk is a remarkable woman who, despite facing numerous challenges, has dedicated her career to creating a more inclusive and equitable society for people with disabilities in Ukraine. After suffering a spinal cord injury in a car accident that left her in a wheelchair, Iuliia used her personal experience as motivation to create positive change in her community.

Oleksandra - Breaking barriers

Breaking Barriers: Changing Career Path From IT Advocacy in Marketing to Software Development

Oleksandra is a software developer originally from Ukraine who starts a new job in Germany just before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. She used to work as a marketing professional in Corporate Social Responsibility at Microsoft, managing projects to empower NGOs and vulnerable youth with IT technologies in the Black Sea region. Her role involved engaging Microsoft partners, employees, and young IT professionals to promote remote work and empower NGO management and beneficiaries with Microsoft technologies. As a person with disabilities, Oleksandra believes that IT and remote work can improve inclusion and diversity. She aims to continue her work as a social activist and software developer through innovation.

Małgorzata - The Artisan

Małgorzata Tomaka: Artisan

Małgorzata is an artist who produces handicraft. She uses digital tools in order to sell her products. Potential clients can find her products on her Instagram and Facebook. Right now, she does not own a stationary store to sell her products.

Renata - Mentor to women with disabilities

Renata Pomarańska: mentor to women with disabilities

Renata Pomarańska - PhD in social sciences in the field of sociology, lecturer at the Catholic University of Lublin. Renata is involved in social work in its various dimensions. Moreover, she organizes discussion sessions, among others from a social project in the practice of social assistance. She has a significant academic achievement in the field of social work and social economy. Currently, she is carrying out research on interpersonal communication between a social worker and people with physical disabilities (based on the psychological model of F. Schulz von Thun).

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