Newsletter nº1, July 2022



The WWW project kicked off on 4th and 5th of May 2022.
During this meeting the project partners discussed the next
steps that would be taken for the project. A monthly online
partner meeting was set up so that the partners could share
any advances they had made and to help upcoming events
such as the LTTA in Granada and general project

The LTTA in Granada will aimed at the target group of the
project which are women entrepreneurs with disabilities or
in risk of social exclusion. The LTTA will aim at equipping the
project team members with deep understanding and
reflection on the concept and will serve as preparatory
training on how to organize and train the disabled women.
The activities during the training will also cast a light on the
necessary elements to be included in the video scripts and
that would bring benefit to the course.

The participants will undergo training based on results
elaborated by the consortium and evaluate them and
provide feedback on development of beta versions of the
Project Results. The following are the project expected
project results that the consortium hopes to achieve during
the LTTA and the project lifespan:

  1. Through understanding of the Project innovation
    concept and ability to put it into practice.
  2. Improved knowledge, competences, and skills in terms
    of developing learning content.
  3. Improved training facilitation skills.
  4. Better preparedness to develop the PRs of WWW.
  5. Boosted project team spirit.
  6. Increased motivation to obtain high quality results
    within the project and greater cooperation.

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