Wonder Women Works Project: Multiplier Events Boost the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Women with Disabilities

Recently, a series of multiplier events have been organised in each of the partner countries. These events connected and inspired the audience present: women with disabilities willing to develop their entrepreneurial and digital skills, women with disabilities who want to help other women with disabilities to expand and/or learn their entrepreneurial and digital skills, training organisations for people with disabilities and professionals (job counsellors, mentors and educators, among others), women entrepreneurs and associations of women with disabilities.

The first event was held on 15 December at the Instituto Universitário Atlântica in Barcarena, Portugal by EIA S.A – Educação, Investigação e Admnistração S.A. During the event, all project partners had the opportunity to participate and personally present the results of the developed products.

Wydarzenie mnożnikowe w Portugalii z prezentacją prezesa organizacji EIA
Wydarzenie mnożnikowe w Polsce organizowane przez organizację Viva Femina

Viva Femina held two events in Rzeszów: on November 29 and December 20. Both sessions were a resounding success, with an outstanding presence of both local and international audiences. Attendees were enthusiastic to support the cause of equality and inclusion, as well as to learn about the project’s activities and tools.

Fundación Docete Omnes held the event on 19 January at the Casa de la Juventud in La Zubia, Granada. A group of experts in the digital and business fields were brought together as speakers along with an audience interested in these topics. The meeting produced an enriching space for dialogue and learning.

Wydarzenie organizowane przez Fundację Docete Omnes w Hiszpanii

Terra Tech organised two events in Germany. On 28 January and in collaboration with Genau Giessen, the project complemented its presentation by addressing women and migrant women’s issues. At the Philipps University of Marburg, the event took place on 30 January and brought together local and educational institutions.

Wydarzenie Multiplier w Niemczech zorganizowane przez organizację Terra Tech
Wydarzenie Multiplier w Niemczech zorganizowane przez organizację Terra Tech
Multiplikatorenveranstaltung in Spanien der Organisation Clictic S.L.

On 30 January 2024, Clictic S.L. celebrated in Lalín in the province of Pontevedra. The project was received with great success by the local and foreign community in the area.

During the development of the Wonder Women Works Project, there has been the opportunity to train and empower women with disabilities, not only for their professional development but also to generate a positive impact on their lives and society. Summary of products developed:

  • Video Narratives: Case studies of women with disabilities showing the challenges and successes they have faced with determination, creativity and innovation.
  • Open and interactive Web App: A digital platform dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship among women with disabilities across Europe.
  • Skills Upgrading Programme for Women with Disabilities: The programme includes special learning materials for mentors and training for women with disabilities in entrepreneurship, providing essential skills and support from mentors and coordinators.
  • Guide for Women with Disabilities: The guide consists of 3 parts: 1) Conceptual model for digital social entrepreneurship 2) A collection of best practices “from idea to entrepreneurship” and 3) Expert opinions on the future development of digital social entrepreneurship and business possibilities.

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