Wydarzenie organizowane przez Fundację Docete Omnes w Hiszpanii

Wonder Women Works Project: Multiplier Events Boost the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Women with Disabilities

The Wonder Women Works Project empowers women with disabilities to develop their entrepreneurial and digital skills. Through a strategic partnership between organisations in Spain, Poland, Portugal, and Germany, the project has held Multiplier Events in order to share the Products Results of the Project:

1) Video Narratives: Case studies showcasing the challenges and successes of women with disabilities.
2) Open and Interactive Web App: A digital platform dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship among women with disabilities across Europe.
3) Skills Upgrading Programme: Training programs with special learning materials for mentors and essential skills development for women with disabilities.
4) Guide for Women with Disabilities: A comprehensive guide covering a conceptual model for digital social entrepreneurship, best practices, and expert opinions.